Welcome to HEFalMp, a functional map of the human genome! Functional maps offer a way to interactively explore gene, pathway, process, and disease associations predicted from integrating hundreds of publicly available genomic datasets. You can focus on each entity - genes, processes, or diseases - and examine functional associations predicted from this data globally or in the context of a specific biological process. Please note that HEFalMp does a great deal of calculation in real time, so if you request a complicated analysis, it might take up to a minute or two to complete.

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Looking for inspiration? Try some of the sample queries listed below, and you can click on any question mark popup (?) or browse through the Help linked from the top of every page. You can always find out what specific predictions or data generated a score by clicking on it, right down to the values for a single gene pair in a particular experiment. Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or suggestions, and thanks for your interest!

If you use HEFalMp or functional maps in your research, please cite our publication: